Thursday, August 3, 2017

August is here; always hope yet still the worst month of the year

Well August is already three days old and as is always the case with the 8th month we see hope among all the many things about the month that makes me hate it.  So I'm ok overthinking things like I have a favorite month and a least favorite month. Quite silly but I'm not about to stop now. I hate August mainly because the weather is hotter than hot down here and it is not uncommon to have 100 degree heat to combine with 100% humidity.  August is a sweat box.  And notoriously, August is a prime month for hurricanes(so is September).  Katrina made her way to us in August.  And right on cue, check out the current 5 day forecast and you will see a potential storm in the western Gulf of Mexico.  You can set a watch by this; hate hurricanes.  August is that month that says, I'm leading closer to autumn, but I'm going to hang on for dear life to all that is wrong with summer.

Before I discuss the hope let me say a word about school.  Down here, while August takes it's toll on humanity, we send our kids back to school.  Yep, some of them are already back, some start next week and almost all students will be in school by August 20th.  What's wrong with us?

Yet, as in all things, there is hope, much hope.  As I write this, the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals are playing NFL football.  Now this is not real football, this preseason stuff, but it's a sign of what is to come.  We all know there is nothing like NFL and college football in the fall of the year!  Also, so hopeful is the anticipation of cooler weather, leaves falling or simply turning(not too much color down here) and shorter days(yes, I dislike daylight savings time).

One thing I do like about August is the great examples of daily Saints; just this week we've had some great ones which will culminate tomorrow in St. John Vianney.  For me August brings me back to presiding at 1st Friday Benediction.  We also will celebrate the feast day of St. Jane de Chantal, our patronesses in Abita Springs.  For all us Deacons, we also have the feast of Lawrence the Martyr and an opportunity to get together in community with the celebration being held at my former assigned parish of Most Holy Trinity!

So I managed to find a lot of hope for August in this simple post.  I just need to beat the heat and at all costs, no hurricanes.  So I'll immerse myself in ministry, watch a little pre-season football and imagine it's a late October afternoon!

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