Monday, August 7, 2017

Another take on Pope Francis Sunday Angelus; use the summer to encounter Christ

Use Summer to Encounter Christ, Urges Pope at Angelus
Reflecting on Transfiguration, Reminds Faithful in St. Peter’s Square of the Need for Us to ‘detach from the worldly’
Angelus 30 August 2015
Pope Francis says summer can be an ideal time to encounter the Lord….
During his Sunday Angelus address, the Pope told the faithful in a hot St. Peter’s Square: ‘Summer time can be a providential moment to grow in our commitment to seek after and encounter the Lord.”
Reflecting on the feast of the Transfiguration, the Pope said that the disciples’ journey to Mount Tabor demonstrates the need for us to ‘detach from the worldly to make our journey upward and contemplate Christ’
Noting that in this period, students are free from school and many families take their vacations, Francis underscored: “It is important that in the period of rest and of detachment from daily occupations, the strength of the body and of the spirit can be restored, deepening the spiritual journey.”
The event of the Lord’s Transfiguration, the Pontiff reminded, offers us a message of hope: “we will be like this, with Him. It invites us to encounter Jesus, to be at the service of others.”
Before reciting the midday prayer, the Holy Father prayed that “Our Mother and Mother of God help us to be attuned to the Word of God, so that Christ becomes the light and guide of our whole life.”
“We entrust to her everyone’s vacation; may it be serene and profitable, but especially the summer of those that can’t have a vacation because of impediments of age, health or work reasons, financial restrictions and other problems, so that it is, in any case, a time of relaxation, gladdened by the presence of friends and happy moments.”
As usual, Pope Francis concluded, telling those present to have a good Sunday and good lunch.
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