Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hello July, why so hot?

July is one of the two months, August being the other, that I just do not like the weather.  And this hot summer stuff we experience here in the deep Gulf South can tend to do a number on your body and your mind.  It's just too damn hot this week, the first of July, brings here a 105 heat index.  And it will be like this until August when we get the gift of 110 heat index.  Sadly, this can continue well into September, but September brings hope and plenty of football.  So here I go, it's time to survive July & August.  Of course, if it be too rainy or too damn hot, we will be thankful if we are sparred the visit of a hurricane.  Yes, we also have to watch out for those things too.

Man people in these parts will celebrate the 4th of July with fervor and use the close proximity to beautiful beaches to take off for Florida, Alabama and Mississippi along the water front.  You see we may be a gulf state, but Louisiana has precious few beaches, more like marshes and swamps.  For the Talbot's we mark the 4th of July with the celebration of the birth of #1 granddaughter, Katelyn.  We will head off to North Carolina and celebrate.  By the way, in July, it's pretty hot in North Carolina too.  Katelyn is our 2nd grandchild and we hope to get to know her better, in person, as we have been able to do with Calvin, who soon turns 5 years old. 

For the week ahead, our goal will be simply to spend as much quality time as possible with the grand children over the period of time we will with them.  Our weekly Skype sessions have been awesome in helping the children to be comfortable with us and they always recognize us right away when we arrive.  So we try and have lots of fun and visit fun venues so that will be the focus of the week ahead.

As a Deacon, I have tried over these past few months to take advantage of scheduling to unwind just a little and not be overbooked week in/week out.  Understand like a school year, from September thru May my plate is always full.  While in North Carolina I hope to make Mass once or twice as we have become very familiar with several of the local church parishes there. 

My work continues to be a source of great change and great demand as we continue to progress through the massive changes of being purchased by a once competitor bank.  Now almost 4 months in, my staff and I are getting the hang of things working now for Whitney Bank.  You know I reflected the other day that I have worked for 5 banks and only changed jobs once. 

Meanwhile, I have purposely avoided some of the more controversial topics of the day, political and even church related.  As a Deacon, I have decided to more and more not opine or take bait in the political wars which have become more than just partisan, now bordering on radically divisive, hate filled and otherwise just over the top.  You know as a Catholic, especially a fully practicing one, receiving the Eucharist and fully believing in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, how can we be swept in to the hateful rhetoric of our political culture and even some of the divides that haunt the Church?  Short answer, we can't.  We either become what we believe or not.  Yes, I've followed the political dust up's of the day and I have deeply followed the changes coming from the Vatican.  A good rule of thumb if you are opinionated and vocal, measure twice, cut once.

Speaking of comings(and goings), please remember in your prayers all the many Priests who are leaving parishes and arriving at new assignments.  In these parts this is occurring now, July 1st being the official move date in this Archdiocese.  For us at St. Jane de Chantal we are saying goodbye to Fr. Kevin Delerno and will welcome a new Priest, Fr. Charles Dussouy.  We look forward to the ministry of Fr. Charles and wish Fr. Kevin well in his new assignment.

All for now, in the morning I'll be NC bound but for now, preparing for evening Benediction and Mass.  And yes, it's hot!

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