Saturday, June 3, 2017

What I wil be doing today; 40 years!!!

Well today is dedicated to celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary! Wendy and I decided to renew our vows now(hey, why not) and have a little celebration afterwards! We are so honored for those coming who were involved in the wedding back in 1977, our out of town guests, and of course the big surprise of Jimmy & Calvin flying in to be with us! The best man at our wedding will help us renew our vows as he and I, old childhood friends, share in the ministry of the Permanent... Diaconate. And we will be doing this today in beautiful St. Jane de Chantal Church, in Abita Springs; the church and faith community that so reinvigorated our faith from the first moment we stepped foot in the church. 40 years is a pretty long time, but we've navigated this thing called marriage, thru good and not so good times, thru the birth and lives of Jimmy and Elizabeth and now our grandchildren Calvin and Katelyn, all the way to this anniversary celebration. Our actual anniversary is tomorrow, the 4th, but today is the day we celebrate and remember. Hope to post pics over the weekend!

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