Sunday, June 25, 2017

A very busy weekend

A busy weekend for the Deacon especially since I was free of any extra work responsibilities for a change!  On Saturday afternoon I was privileged to baptize a 6 month old baby boy, Finn Joseph.  This was a private family baptism.  The family is well known to me so I was happy to be able to do the baptism.

I took off Saturday evening so I could be prepared for a very active Sunday.  With a brother deacon out of town and another currently out sick, I knew it would be a hectic day!  I was assigned the 8, 10 and 6 pm masses.  Now that makes for a pretty busy Sunday but today was also our farewell celebration for Fr. Kevin Delerno.  For 4 years he has been our parochial vicar(we used to call them associate pastors?) and now he moves on to a new parish closer to New Orleans. After our 10 am mass we had a grand celebration; one of our always incredible parish pot luck dinner.  It was great and the celebration was well attended.

After getting home around 1pm I tried to get some rest before returning tonight for Benediction before our well attended last chance mass.  Arriving home around 7:45 this evening I could relax before getting ready for my Monday!

I really want to mention again our best wishes, along with our prayers, for Fr. Kevin.  We will miss him but, as is often the case this time of year, we will soon be welcoming our new parochial vicar. 

So I'm glad it was a nice, busy weekend primarily focused on ministry.

Have a great, blessed week ahead!

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