Saturday, June 24, 2017

A beautiful prayer for a widow or widower

A Widow(er)’s Prayer


Give me the strength to say, thy will be done.

June 23 is the UN International Widows’ Day.
As in Jesus’ time, widows today in many parts of the world still face grave economic and social challenges. Joining in this day of recognition of those challenges, we offer to widows, widowers and all those who mourn with them this prayer:

Father you have taken my husband/wife home to you.
We were created by you in order to return to you, and for a portion of this journey, we were side-by-side.
We shared joys and sorrows, happiness and difficulty.
It was beautiful, though not always easy. I thank you for all of it.
Now, my spouse has gone and I am left alone. Give him/her eternal joy, and give me the strength to say, thy will be done.
And allow us to one day find each other again in our eternal homeland.
Mary, solace of the afflicted, pray for us.  Amen.

“Widowhood, accepted bravely as a continuation of the marriage vocation, should be esteemed by all” (The Vatican II document Gaudium et spes, 48)

Translated and adapted from Church Forum, through Aleteia Spanish

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