Friday, May 26, 2017

Thank goodness for a couple of good nights!

So if you follow me I've written lately about the intense time I am experiencing at work in these first few months since converting to a new bank.  With everything that has unfolded lately I am indeed very grateful for Whitney Bank coming along and giving us new life in my Pearl River, LA branch.  Me and my staff have worked very hard to make this transition as seamless as possible for my clients.  Doing so has required long days and long work weeks so I've mentioned this a few times and have personally blogged a little less.

Evenings have resulted in less activity as this getting older Deacon finds himself exhausted.  Still. over the past few days I have had some incredibly good evenings.  Last Friday I received the vows of a couple in holy matrimony, my first wedding in over a year.  It is always a blessing to be able to stand before a couple, especially one you have prepared, and be a part of their special day.  On Saturday and Sunday evening, as I assisted at Mass, I was able to preach the homily, being made aware all week, that despite the extra time spent at work, a good homily needs lots of prayer and preparation.

On Wednesday night I returned to Rayburn Prison for our normal Wednesday night routine.  The men who gather for our Masses and services always give me a pick me up.  The men wanted to celebrate the Ascension so we read those readings and prayers and celebrated Jesus' return to the right hand of the Father.  It was another wonderful evening and prison and reminded me so vividly why I do what I do and who/what is most important.  With all this work stuff swirling around me and exhausted beyond belief on an otherwise normal Wednesday night, those men needed me to be present to them and I needed to have them minister to me.  By the grace of God, He provided me the opportunity to be fully present to those men that night.  The drive home, on a long country road, right around dusk, was the perfect backdrop to this graced opportunity to pray and reflect.

Last night I spent time at the church parish with the men of our Knights of Columbus 4th degree meeting.  The fellowship and friendship among the brother Knights, along with a terrific meal, made the evening incredibly delightful!!

The only negative for me has been that dreadful grass that grows on my 10 acre spread.  I've had very little time to attend to this as we have also had tons of rain, including last weekend when it rained all day Saturday and Sunday.  If you happen to come by my place and think, man this guy needs to cut some grass, just remember, working hard and ministering my vocation, coupled with rain is the reason.  Hopefully, this long Memorial Day weekend will be the antidote.

I am so thankful for these couple of good nights!  Now, off to work I go!!

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