Sunday, March 19, 2017

What a difference a weekend makes

When last the abitadeacon shared a personal update it was all about the chaos of feeling bad and huge changes at work.  I was so limited last weekend in my ministry responsibilities although I did manage to preach two masses.  And I'm not sure if you've read this on these pages but I also had a full fledged plumbing emergency last Monday, since repaired, separating about $ 3K of my money from my wallet.

Yet we fast forward to this weekend after I tried to recover from this late winter sinus infection and career change.  First, I am feeling better but the cough continues.  And then the career change was a pleasant surprise.  The fact that we changed names to Whitney National Bank in Pearl River resulted in the single highest week ever in new account openings and other sales not normally popular in the past.  There is definitely a new sheriff(bank) in town and I for one am happy to now be working for a bank with financial stability!

So I arrive at Friday, still coughing and working long hours, and I am in good shape in order to preside at Stations of the Cross.  We had a very strong attendance for this most pious Lenten devotion.  And I was also able to visit with our local Knights of Columbus as they were finishing up their weekly fish-fry.  Saturday was all about work and then my favorite(sarcasm alert) thing to do all year: cut grass.  It was a lot of grass this weekend and a firm reminder that I will be doing this very often now until November.

Sunday brought my 2 Mass assignments at 8 am and again at 6 pm this evening.  This weekend's Masses brought the beginning of our Lenten Parish Mission.  Just a FYI; our mission begins tomorrow morning and there will be a morning and evening session every day through Thursday.
I managed to squeeze in a little time this morning after Mass to attend the Knights of Columbus breakfast.

So it is more back to usual this weekend with miles to go before I am fully recovered and fully back in control of my schedule.

Hope it's a great week with more progress.  I hope to be able to attend some of the mission as I prepare for my next visit to Rayburn Prison.

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