Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pope Francis at weekly Wednesday General Audience

Pope at Audience: ‘If You Open Your Heart to Faith, the Doors of Heaven Will Open to You’
If You Trust in God, Francis Reminds Faithful in St. Peter’s Square, ‘He Will Do Miraculous Things’
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If you open your heart to faith, the doors of heaven will be opened to you.
During his weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square this morning, March 29, 2017, Pope Francis gave this comforting message as he invited faithful to imitate the Old Testament figure and patriarch of the Church, Abraham, who was willing to trust God and hope against hope.
Even when there is no room to hope, believing in God offers hope, and one that doesn’t disappoint.
The story of Abraham and Sarah gives evidence to this, who were, despite seeming like a hopeless situation, in part to Sarah’s sterility, were able to become parents after many years.
Thus, Abraham, becomes not just a father of our faith, but of our hope. Just like him, we are invited, the Pope highlighted, to look beyond the uncertain and unpredictable, and have hope in God’s promises.
We ought to feel secure about this hope, the Pontiff stressed, because it is based on God’s Word, not our own.
Acknowledging what the pilgrims in the square could be thinking the Pope said: ‘But father, what is the price for all this?”
“It there is one, only one,” he responded, it is: “open your heart. Open your heart to faith and He will do the rest.”
If we wish our lives to take on a new light, the Pope stressed, we are called to trust not our own strength nor capabilities, but the hope found in God’s promise to us, His children.
“If we now today have an open heart, we will meet in the ‘square’ of Heaven forever,” the Pope said.
“Open your heart to God and He will do miraculous things!”

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