Friday, January 6, 2017

Some updates in the life of the abitadeacon

Time for a little personal update on the family challenges Wendy and I are dealing with at the start of the New Year.  Today dawns cold and wet as previously mild temps now yield to what will be 72 hours of true winter weather.  Remember, we do not normally have to deal with things like snow and ice and rarely do we have a hard freeze, although it seems lately we have at least one per winter.  After the rain moves in today we are now expecting some ice and sleet to the north of New Orleans and only a few miles away from where I actually live.  Lows at my home this weekend will be around 24 and highs will not get out of the 30's.  Now for some of you this is normal; for us, not so much.

With this weather forecast I have never before prayed for a loved one to stay in the hospital.  Wendy's mom remains there since December 26th as she continues to battle pneumonia, congestive heart failure and other ailments.  She is getting close to a discharge date soon, frankly, because there is not much more they can do for her in the hospital.  I sure hope given her ailments and weakness they don't try and send her home in this weather.  Once home, her mom faces new realities including life on oxygen 24/7 and the use of a walker, at minimum, for the rest of her life.  Thanks for the prayers, please continue to pray!

I am getting more and more used to the news I shared last week that another career adjustment is indeed in my very near future.  FNBC Bank, who I have now worked for since 2012, has sold my branch to another local well known bank, Whitney Bank.  Sometime in the next few months, we will convert and officially change names.  The more I learn about this new reality the more excited I am.  Me and my staff in Pearl River will be happy to help all our customers with the conversion and the exciting new opportunities the change will bring!  I am especially happy to be reuniting with several of my old Capital One friends who now work at Whitney.

I guess change is always with us and change we will tackle head on.  With any new developments I will happily share with you as I appreciate your concern, prayers and your readership of this blog.  I am always thankful for all of you!

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