Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pope Francis calls in to local TV show

Pope Calls in to Italian Morning Show; Wishes Listeners a “Christian Christmas”
“In this world where the god money is so adored, may Christmas help us to look at the littleness of this God who has overturned worldly values”

At 9:08 this morning, Pope Francis was connected by telephone with the TG1-RAII “Unomattina” television program, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its transmission.
Here is a translation of the transcription of the words spoken by the Holy Father in the course of the telephone call.
* * *
Master of Ceremonies: Hello, Your Holiness …
Pope Francis: Good morning!
Master of Ceremonies: Good morning, thank you!
Pope Francis: I’ve been told that today is an important date for those of you of “Unomattina”: you are observing 30 years of broadcasting …
Master of Ceremonies: It’s true …
Pope Francis: I wish to congratulate you, the authors of the program, the masters of ceremonies, the journalists, the directors, the technicians, the employees … in sum, all those who cooperate in the realization of this very popular transmission. I know that today the Directors of TG1 and RAI 1 are also present: a greeting goes to them and good work!
Master of Ceremonies: Thank you, Holiness. We — Francesca and I — together with all our journalists, directors, and technicians wish to congratulate you for your Birthday, for your 80 years. And then we prepared a little surprise for you, Holiness. Here it is …
Pope Francis: Let’s see what the little surprise is …  (part of a montage on Pope Francis)
Master of Ceremonies: Holiness, are you still on the telephone with us?
Pope Francis: Yes, yes, and I thank you for the surprise.
Master of Ceremonies: We want to thank you and, given that Christmas is in a few days, we would like to know if …
Master of Ceremonies: … in the meantime we express our Christmas greetings: Happy Christmas, Holiness!
Master of Ceremonies:  … if you would like to leave a message for all those who follow us from their home: among them there are also many elderly and many sick individuals …
Pope Francis: Yes. Yes I wish you a Christian Christmas, as the first was, when God wished to overturn the values of the world, He made Himself small in a stable, with little ones, with the poor, with the marginalized … Littleness. In this world where the god money is so adored, may Christmas help us to look at the littleness of this God who has overturned worldly values. I wish you a Holy and Happy Christmas: a Holy and Happy Christmas. I embrace all of you.
Master of Ceremonies: Thank you, Holiness. Happy Christmas.
Pope Francis: Happy Christmas!

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