Sunday, November 13, 2016

The New Orleans Saints now find "historical" ways to lose

Damn those New Orleans Saints!  Today they lost a game in a new and exciting way, kind of historic in the history of their decades of losing.  Now that a blocked extra point can be returned for 2 points, leave it to the Saints to make that happen.  This one takes the cake, this beats the Jacksonville debacle with the blocked extra point after the lateral miracles and the numerous, and I mean numerous Hail Mary passes(I really don't like that term since it's not designed to honor Mary) and Big Ben miracles and last second pass interference calls, and I could go on!

The Saints, after hitting .500, dropped to 4-5 today.  They now have achieved NOT being above .500 since the end of 2013 season.  All of 2014, 2015 and now 2016, this team has not been above .500; no winning record at anytime in almost three years now. 

This team, for the past few years has a history of failure in securing quality free agents and failure in the draft.  They continue to vest all their hopes and dreams in one player, Drew Brees.  Despite his age, thank God he is still, for the most part, a QB stud.  The offensive line could be better, the running backs, although better lately, over the past 3 years are a bust and then we have the defense; the horrid, horrible defense.  Although the D-line seems improved of late, the Saints still have terrible D-back play and they have more misses at LB than hits.

Overall, since opening kick-off for 2013 the overall record right now is 18-23, hardly the stuff of contenders and the stuff of pretenders.

Watching the team since 2013 has been difficult; sometimes even in victory they have looked bad.  I'll probably keep watching, even knowing that for now, they are losers.  Sad but true!

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