Monday, October 31, 2016

A great big blogging thank-you

Tonight, while the world is trick or treating, I want to reflect on blogging and offer a big thank you.  As many of you know I blog because I am a Catholic Deacon.  I blog because I figured out how to do it although there is little sophistication to my blogging.  I love to share my homilies and reflections and I really like to offer daily features like Saint of the Day and updates from Pope Francis and all things about the diaconate.

Last year in March my monthly reach topped 10,000 views per month and I am very pleased that monthly reach has remained over 10,000 ever since.  In fact last month we topped 20,000 and this month we will be above 25,000.  I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog.

Someone asked me why you titled it abitadeacon?  Perhaps another name would garner more national attention but I wanted to pay homage to the community of Abita Springs where my beautiful home parish church, St. Jane de Chantal, is the very center of the community.  Also, my wife pointed out something when I established the blog that I had never noticed before.  When I was assigned to St. Jane, even though I live about 8 miles northeast of the church, my mailing address indeed is Abita Springs.  Before I came along there were already three deacons assigned to St. Jane, 2 living much closer than I do.  Yet all of the other deacons had mailing addresses for other cities, Mandeville, Covington and Bogalusa to be specific.  My wife told me, you are the only Abita Deacon; thus the name.

I would like to ask one favor.  I really would love to have more followers on my blog.  When you log in here at you can sign in as a follower.  If you would be so kind, please take a few minutes to sign up.  And always remember you can find me at the link previously provided or check out my facebook page also titled abitadeacon.

And most of all, thank you for your readership.  For now, I continue to just keep blogging away!

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