Thursday, September 8, 2016

What a great gift it is to be a grandparent

These things are better than any great day at work or even home:

Playing a great game of UNO with #1 grandson
Calvin insisting we shake hands after every game of cards saying nice game...
Watching Calvin enjoy lunch at Chick Fil A
Picking on his Pops by calling me "popsickle"
Listening to Calvin count to ten in Spanish
Reading naptime stories
Watching him adoring on his little sister
Hearing Calvin pray before meals
Seeing our first grandson grow into such a handsome well behaved little boy
Awesome hugs
All this and so much more, far better than the very best days at home
What a great gift being a grandparent

And it starts anew as our Katelyn has turned one, melts our heart with that smile and shows off her new walking skills.  All the great adventures we have had with Calvin await our beautiful princess.
Again, what a great gift being a grandparent.

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