Sunday, September 4, 2016

Read me, Read me please!

For whatever reason this thing called blogspot, which host my and so many other blogs seems to be post driven.  I notice a great drop off in readership based on how many posts I can get on here in a day and the amount of time that passes between posts.  But I can't live my life to post 24/7. 

Today my wife and I are off to see the grandkids and will be on the road until way later this evening.  Therefore, I do not anticipate posting until then, and that's predicated on how tired I may be. 

Friends and followers can help me out by reading some of my latest posts or take a tour through the archive and see what we were talking about in the past. 

In any case, I am very thankful for this blog, your readership and hopefully together we are spreading the message of the Church as Christ Himself commanded us to do!

See you later this evening and all week from beautiful North Carolina!!

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