Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gonna be rough

Fall 2016 for Louisiana football fans is lost.

  LSU blew a chance to be elite this year and now are looking at a 7-5 season, 8-4 if everything comes together.  A far cry from the hoped for 10-2 or even 11-1.  Reasons are numerous and reserved for another post when not so disappointed.

Then we have the New Orleans Saints, a once proud winning franchise going in the wrong direction fast.  So tonight I will bite the bullet and make a Saints prediction.  I really believe they can be worse than what I'm about to predict.  Make no mistake, this is a bad team that will probably get Drew Brees killed and Sean Payton wishing he would have walked away.  So for this year I now predict 6-10.  This is probably too optimistic as the Saints are that bad.

Football fans in these parts need to suck it up.  Our teams will be letting us down in 2016.

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