Thursday, August 4, 2016

These women from Acadiana get it; their are proper leadership roles in the Church

Acadiana women react to the consideration of women in the Clergy

Photo: KLFY
Photo: KLFY
LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)— Pope Francis is considering the idea of women in the Clergy, It’s a move that has both shocked and excited many in the church.
While this doesn’t mean women will become Deacons anytime soon, it does signal that the Pope is open to dialogue over women’s role and opening the door to female Deacons in the future.
Deacons are Ordained Ministers who can preach and preside over weddings and funerals but cannot celebrate mass.
Currently, the Catholic Church only allows single and married men over the age of 35 to become Deacons, but now that could all change.
Pope Francis created a commission to study the historical role of women Deacons in the Catholic Church and after a blessing from the pope, a group is looking at changing some of those rules.
Claire Bordelon who is a Catholic woman told KLFY, “I do know whatever the Church does, she will do in the best interest of her faithful. I have confidence in the leadership of our Church and what that means for my future and the way I can participate in as a member of the faithful.”
The Pope appointed a panel who is comprised of twelve members, six men, and six women including Priest, Nuns, Laywomen, and one American woman.
Phyllis Zagano said, “I think the Church would be making a great statement about the dignity and place of women in the world.”
Catholic women in Acadiana say they’ve always felt they could serve the church.
“We have some women who have chosen to give their lives to the church, either as a nun or a consecrated virgin. So there’s a lot of ways for women to serve very, very, faithfully.” Said Claire Borderlon, “There’s no place where I am more appreciated than in the Church as a woman.”
The Vatican says the change won’t happen anytime soon, but Mary Duplantis says she isn’t worried about serving her church, “There’s a lot of roles. I’ve never felt not wanted or needed.”

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