Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The real life ordeal of fighting for life in the Lousiana floods

My Mom is a Hero by April Cotton Dozier(via Facebook)
Saturday morning August 13th, after raising her furniture a foot off the floor and putting up some picture albums high on her etegare the d...ay before, my mom woke up at 4 am to check the water level in the yard. She noticed it was coming up the hill way in the back so she got my daddy up, dressed him, fed him and got him situated so she could pack the car for both of them. Some of you may not know that my dad is completly wheelchair bound and can't stand on his own. By 5 am, when the car was packed and she was ready to leave it was too late. The water had risen suddenly and her road was already flooded. She called and texted us and there was nothing we could do. The water was rising and it was rising quickly. Beau and I were frantic. The 911 station was literaly flooded and the hotline wasn't answering. The police station put her on a list to be rescued. She was #162 on the list. Beau was in Central and couldn't get to her. I was 6 miles from her and couldn't leave my driveway.........
The water continued to rise by the second. She sent me text saying "if we don't leave now we will drown." She then posted a plea on Facebook asking for a rescue. The water is at my dad's chest while he is sitting in his wheelchair. He says to her "I'm fine. Leave me. Save yourself." That's not happening. She opens her front door, a huge garbage can rushes in and knocks my dad over. She grabs the back of his t-shirt, twists it underneath his arms and drags him out the house. She drags him through the 3 foot deep water about 40 yards to the street around the tree and back up to the neighbor's high porch. My mom and the neighbor put him in a chair while she goes back for his wheelhair. She comes back with his wheel chair and goes back for the dog, all while the water is rising. In the meantime, boats have deployed to rescue them. Jeeps have deployed to transport them. As they are sitting on that high porch, the water is at my daddy's chest. Dogs are swimming by...people are swimming by... And then boats start showing up. My daddy was rescued first and then they came back for my mom. They soon realized, as they got out of the neighborhood, the whole town was under water.
I want to say thank you to Dylan Varnado, Steve Causey, some guy named Lee, and my brother's friend from work, Todd, for getting in your boats when you heard my parents were in need of rescuing.
Thank you to Tracie Cotten Carroll for commandeering your neighbor's Jeep to aid in the rescue. Also, thank you for housing my parents for the following 2 days.
Thank you to my husband and kids for opening our home to my parents for the duration of the restoration of their home.
Thank you to Beau, Berkeleigh Bj Bailey Cotten, and all my girls for help with the initial clean up today.
My mom is a hero. She saved my daddy's life. Thank you Cynthia Cotten.
To all my friends from out of state: We are experiencing the worst natural disaster known to our area. It is my understanding that the national media is not covering our story. Shame on them. Homes here started flooding Friday morning and more homes are still flooding today. Our schools are flooded. Rivers are still cresting at record highs and people are still being rescued. Please take it upon yourself to look up pictures and video of the flooding in South Louisiana and share them. 90% of the homes in Denham Springs were flooded. 75% of the homes were flooded in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Most of these people do not have flood insurance. Please pray for South Louisiana as we began to heal and rebuild.

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