Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September: The Balance Sheet

We are arriving at September; are you kidding me?  So I try and like September but there a few things that hold me back.  So having a financial, accounting background, lets do a balance sheet.

September, the good:

Closer to autumn
Gets darker earlier(yep, I like that)
Grass grows a little slower
Did I mention football?
Kids are fully back in school
High school football
The LSU Fighting Tigers!!!
The New Orleans Saints
I did mention football
My grandson turns 4
My daughter's birthday & now, my son-in-law's birthday(incredibly it's the same day)
Our next trip to North Carolina
Bible study full force
Ministry rocks
Starts to feel less summer, eventually

Now, September, the bad:

It's still too darn hot
I still have to cut grass
Sadly, we still have hurricanes
The New Orleans Saints, yeah, I know, I know
Too dark in the morning(no, I don't like that)
My wife gets addicted to all the new TV shows, and tapes them too
Leaving our grandkids when the NC visit is over
Being impatient about when the cool weather will begin
It teases me about the cooler weather to come
And still, it's too darn hot

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