Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Adult Bible Study, end of month, watching the tropics

On this last Tuesday of August I am preparing for work and when work is over, straight to church I go for our Adult Bible Study.  Resurrected last year at St. Jane de Chantal Church in Abita Springs, over 70 adults participated in the Bible TimeLine from August 2015 until we wrapped up in May; just a few short months ago.  After taking the summer off we are back at it again.  We are now offering the Gospel of Matthew and have over 60 folks participating as well as about 15 taking the Bible TimeLine for the 1st time.  Tonight is our 1st full session that centers on preparation at home by reading the assigned chapters from the Gospel, going through a Q & A concluding with a video that brings everything together presented by renowned Catholic apologist Jeff Cavins.  We are experiencing good spiritual fruit from offering these course and the robust response from our parishioners.  Can't wait to be there tonight!

As we prepare for the end of August we are distracted here in south Louisiana by the tropical activity.  While hopeful this thing in the Gulf of Mexico stays far from us, it still bears watching and we too realize that someone will get impacts.  And we are also reminded that when this one goes away, there might be another one out there we need to watch next week.  Not until September nears it's end do we really breathe easier concerning these annual threats.  End of August also means more attention to our kids back in school, more football and dare I say it, can cooler weather be far behind?

End of August also means start of September and our grandson Calvin's birthday.  Since he was born in 2012, there has never been a first week of September without Pops and Nona in Carolina ready to celebrate.  Next week's 4th birthday for Calvin will find us there!

So it's busy, it's hectic and it's all good!

Continue to pray for our recovery here in south Louisiana from the recent floods and that all tropical storms stay far away!  Good bye August, I'm anxious for you to yield to September!

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