Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Diaconate; now misunderstood and misrepresented by PBS

Well I caught this show on PBS, it's a weekly show called Religion & Ethics Newsweekly.  They sent one of their talented reporters to Chicago to do a story on Deacons, specifically the Permanent Diaconate.  The predominate part of the story was the news that perhaps Pope Francis would study the possibility of women deacons one day(actually, far from what he really said).

The piece is a HOT MESS.  Terribly incorrect in many ways including describing deacons as laymen and claiming all wives must go to class and do this or do that.  Yet, the focus is what about those women deacons.  And sadly there was those all too willing deacon wives ready to proclaim that there should be some and sign me up.  I even heard that crazy term in this report coined by some: "deacon couples".  Good grief.

There is a real theology behind the diaconate, facts matter.  Sadly most are missing in this report.  Against my better judgement, please take a look:

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