Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sometimes you can only hold back so long

I guess this Saturday afternoon finds this tired Deacon in a "Star Wars" kind of mood; you know, there is a great disturbance in my "force".  I'm very tired these days due to a work schedule that is demanding, an intensely painful arthritic knee and the never ending chore that is cutting the grass all summer long.

These posts do concern me because I know they can easily be dismissed as just complaining, moaning and groaning.  Perhaps, for me, it's just coping.

This morning I was watching a clip from a TV show that did a piece on the Permanent Diaconate; not for any informative or noble reasons, but so the reporter could push the agenda of ordaining women; conferring Holy Orders.  The impetus for this was the words of Pope Francis a few months ago in response to studying the question of the history of women in service to the church.  His words were messy and immediately the usual suspects were all agog about women clergy.  I guess this crew from PBS missed the clarifications and then the outright very direct denial from the Holy Father that he was even thinking of ever moving forward with the ordination of women.  In the process of this report, PBS made many factual errors about the diaconate and was able to trot out those deacons and wives who can't wait for the ordination of women to the clergy.  Good grief; and I'm digesting this before I have to go to work, again.

See, I told you there is a great disturbance in the force.

And I know, like many of you, all these recent events of hatred, terrorism, violence and the media over-hype, has me angry, mad, sad, frustrated, flummoxed.  When will we ever learn?  When will we act like and treat others as children of God?  And is covering all this chaos 24/7 helping or hurting; I ask hypothetically!  And while I'm at it what about the politics.  I've already covered on this blog my beliefs that as Catholics we have quite the dilemma in our choices for President.  But what really gets me is the incredible political bias on social media shared so enthusiastically by folks of faith, and most incredibly by clergy.  To keep my sanity from now to November and beyond!

Again, there is just a great disturbance in my force!

On second thought, knowing how I feel right now and looking at what I actually just wrote, perhaps I can hold back.  I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Say some prayers for this tired and hurting deacon and I'llpromise to do same for you as I offer up my frustration and pain.

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