Friday, July 8, 2016

Can we pray this morning?

The tragic shootings in Baton Rouge, LA and St. Paul, MN, now met with the carnage witnessed last night in Dallas, TX.  Couple all this tragedy and violence with the heightened rhetoric and unending personal attacks of this particular presidential campaign; as a nation we seem to be a tinderbox.

Can we pray this morning for all who have been lost to violence?  Can we pray for a conversion of hearts and a peace that comes from our creator?  Perhaps we need to pray that everyone start to see in their brother and sister the inherent dignity that each possess by being a child of God, made in the very image and likeness of God.

This cannot stand, this cannot continue.

Each of us will be accountable for not only how we react, but how we act!  I know personally the ease with which we all can fall victim to our emotions.  That is when we fail to place God in front of ourselves, around ourselves, behind ourselves and over and under ourselves.  And when we do place God all around us, can we place Him around our brother and sister too?

Pray this morning, pray hard, fast if necessary.  We are God's people, we can and should be better than all this.

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