Thursday, July 7, 2016

A different NC visit with the kids

Here we are in our home away from home and spending time with our North Carolina family.  The big event for this time of year is Katelyn's 1st birthday.  Well sometimes things don't work out and you get to adapt.  As soon as we arrived at the family house Wednesday morning I thought our grandson Calvin seemed a bit lethargic and overly tired.  Somehow he rallied and had a good day; breakfast with Nona & Pops, shopping, off to school for a few hours and then swimming lessons.  But then Katelyn came home from school and it was game on.  Fever, stomach, a virus in full swing.  I feel so bad for her because as all good parents know at 1 year old, they can't tell you what's up; except for the sleeping and crying.

Calvin is still hanging in there but it's tenuous and now mom and dad are either getting sick or physically exhausted.

Wendy and I will play the role of full time caregiver and there will be no time for adventures around town and probably no birthday party Saturday either.  But we are here and will help out.  In the four years we have been coming to NC to visit grandbabies, this is the 1st time we ran head on to sickness.  Pretty good odds in reality!

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