Monday, June 27, 2016

With faith and compassion nothing is impossible in God's Church

A Very Special First Communion    

  • June 25, 2016
    by Nancy & Johnny Michel
    In February of this year, our family joined OLPH. This was a goal long awaited for. Our nine year old son Johnny, we call him Trey, has Autism. He also has a Tic Disorder, Seizure Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Nonetheless, he's our special blessing filled with love to share!

    Challenges come with his disabilities, like sensory overload, meltdowns, and tics to name a few. He has a tough time with crowds and loud places.

    When we learned of OLPH having  a Sunday evening Mass, it was time to give it a try. With noise buffers on hand, we did it and Trey handled it very well!

    The next Sunday evening was a success again. This time as we went up to receive communion and Trey a blessing, he asked Father Kyle if he could have a treat. Father's reply was "In time son." After Mass, Father asked if Trey attended catechism and I advised him of Trey's special needs. In that moment, Father made it possible for Trey to receive his First Holy Communion and immediately introduced us to Ms. Dolly! He told Trey that he was going to receive communion at Easter Vigil Mass. From that moment on, Trey looked forward to going to church and even wants to be an altar server. In Trey's words, "I want to work with Father like those kids!"

    Ms Dolly and Ms Brenda took the time to work with Trey in preparation for receiving his first communion. We are forever thankful to them for helping our special child in his faithful journey.

    Trey began counting down the days until his First Communion!

    Finally Trey's holy day arrived and it was the most beautiful and memorable mass ever! Even more endearing, we were asked to bring up the gifts! I have never seen my child so happy. It truly was the happiest day of his life, when he received his First Communion. We are forever grateful and blessed to have met Father Kyle, who made this possible and has impacted Trey's life tremendously! He loves going to mass and he absolutely  adores Father Kyle as do we!

    Father Kyle inspired us with making what seemed impossible, possible! We praise God for blessing us and guiding us back to the church.

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