Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tonight at Rayburn; another Holy Spirit moment

The worst of work-a-day Wednesdays and intense pain from pesky arthritis and a totally shot knee fade into nothingness when replaced by the sheer joy and hope of another visit to Rayburn Prison.  Accompanied by two lay volunteers from Annunciation Parish, we arrived at 6:30, offered a prayer service for the celebration of the day, Sts. More and Fisher, had worshipful music, a Holy Spirit Homily, informed by the Catechism and Canon Law, on divorce and annulments, received Holy Communion and sang and prayed some more!

Also this evening the men presented me with wonderful thank-you's and pictures from our recent Retreat and Mass with the Archbishop!

Another much needed uplifting evening that placed God first and salvaged an otherwise ho-hum Wednesday.

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