Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Putting together my thoughts on love

Love is love is love is love; so we heard last night on the Tony Awards. Indeed we are called to love. I choose to love with a love that loves you all the way to Heaven. And I can assure you, it's not easy in today's culture. Love is more than feelings; love is more than just being happy in the short-term, love is more than going along to get along, love is more than condoning sin, love is more, much more than thinking self as better than the other, love is more than me first, love shares the FULL Gospel, and not just by words but by actions, love is being and doing, love is truly patient and kind, love is God because God is love. Love is most fully love if it loves the other all the way to Heaven. Love saves because love never fails. Good night.

What we never discuss anymore, and I mean never:
Life, physical death, judgement, our eternal destiny.
If u love me, let your love help me all the way to heaven and I will love the same.
In all love and charity, give me meat, not milk(1Cor3:2, Heb5:12)

So you ask me two questions Deacon; what if I don't want you to love me all the way to Heaven; what if I want to deny truths and persist in my sinfulness? My answer in two parts: I will love you nonetheless with the love of Christ, the love that leads to Heaven. And I will respect your dignity and your freedoms which both come from God. I will understand persisting in sin for I too am a sinner. Like many I/we work out our salvation in fear and trembling. And I continue to beg all, don't love someone that in the end is not love at all. Peace.

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