Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June; I just don't know what to do with you

June has been around about a week now and I have resisted, up to now, to drone on about my dislike of summer.  It didn't seem so bad when June dawned and I tried to focus on all the good things going on.  There are anniversaries to celebrate and ordinations!  I followed the uplifting days of the Jubilee for Deacons and the Jubilee for Priests!  Maybe, just maybe I could skip right through June and save my angst for July and August.

Well, all I can say is I tried.  Here we are, one week in and I'm noticing the tell tale signs of why this time of year is far from my favorite.  Although sure to get worse, the heat is back and the humidity is back.  Actually today, we are getting a small break.  It's also been wet, incredibly wet.  With heat, humidity and wet, not to mention daylight well into night, grass is growing, weeds are growing, bugs are crawling, as well as snakes, and horseflies are everywhere.  Yet, in fairness, I am enjoying the fresh blueberries picked from the yard and I just noticed all the wild blackberries in the fields. 

June is that very first month of both summer and hurricane season.  Just now watching as one tropical storm lashed Florida after a previous one hit the Carolinas.  By the way, it's only week one and we have hit the letter C.  So my cautious antennae are way up!

So now we settle in and endure June, enjoy what we can, remember that these days too are part of God's creation.  I'd just like to ask for a little less heat and humidity and absolutely no more storms!

Happy June!

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