Saturday, June 11, 2016

From Rome: A Catechesis for the Jubilee for Deacons

During the Jubilee for Deacons in Rome, all the Permanent Deacons and their wives, were given several opportunities to hear powerful presentations at some of Rome's holiest sites.  Our Archdiocese was represented by 18 of our brother Deacons and our director, Deacon Ray Duplechain, has forwarded to all us these powerful presentations.

This first one is by James Keating and focuses on The Deacon and The Family!

Here is a very brief excerpt:

Each deacon is formed in the Word of God, desires to pray his life through the Scriptures until death, and longs to have the Gospel be the heart of his—and all people’s—imagination. The deacon derives his ministerial grace from the Sacrament of Holy Orders, as Christ configures the deacon’s heart to his own mysteries of mission and service. As the deacon subjectively maintains union with Christ through prayer and ministry, he continues through the grace of ordination to be objectively affected by Christ’s own servant mysteries. It is this same deacon who also identifies himself as spouse and father.[2] As such, the deacon is a man submerged in relationships of love, of self-gift, through spousal love, fatherhood, and Holy Orders. These relationships of love bestow upon him an identity, one that he is charged by virtue to protect and develop.

And here is the link to the entire presentation:

Please continue to pray for your Permanent Deacons and their wives who give so generously of their time and talent to the Church.

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