Friday, May 27, 2016

Another post-flood update from St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College

Greetings from Saint Joseph Abbey and Seminary College!

Watch the Video
we wanted to share with you a video that we recently created that spotlights this unique time in our history. You can listen to the stories of those that were here during the flood and how our seminarians, monks, staff and community have responded – in faith, in grace, and in hope. I think that you will see that in spite of it all, there is an air of excitement and expectation that this event will transform us into a community that grows and is strengthened by adversity.

Our institution has been in constant flux in the weeks and months following the floods of March 11th. In these past nine weeks, we have seen 31 buildings and structures virtually stripped and gutted, walls torn out, floor boards removed, electrical systems exposed, and furniture piled high. The roar of fans used to dry out and control the humidity of our buildings has become a familiar buzz, the faces of our recovery team and construction workers as common as our co-workers. See photos of the recovery process.

We have watched with pride as 29 seminarians strode across the stage to receive their graduation diplomas as they continue on their path to priestly formation, and we have rejoiced upon receiving word that we are expecting 158 seminarians next fall, the largest class in the history of our institution.

We have witnessed in amazement as dozens of churches, elementary schools, choir groups and volunteers have organized fundraising concerts, auctions, luncheons, and sales on our behalf to contribute to the recovery of our institution, and we have witnessed the financial need that this devastation has caused – an estimated $30 million – slowly being met with the overwhelming generosity of our community of faith, our loyal neighbors, friends, and supporters.  To date, over $2 million dollars has been raised, and two-thirds of the donations received have been made in amounts of less than $100. Learn how to Help the Abbey here.

For that, we are exceedingly humbled and grateful. Thank you. Our road ahead is long, but the burden is lightened when shared with friends.

Thank you again for your ongoing support, generosity, prayers and willingness to join with us on this road to recovery.

In Gratitude,

Leslie A. Tate
Director of Institutional Advancement
Saint Joseph Abbey and Seminary College
75376 River Road
Saint Benedict, LA 70457
Office: 985-867-2235 | |

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