Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wedding time, almost; what's a dad and a deacon to do?

In just about 4 hours or so my only daughter will be getting married.  For me, it's a wonderful day for a wedding despite some not so nice weather.  Being one of those things we mere mortals can't control, weather be damned, we have a wedding to pull off!

Elizabeth Michelle Talbot, aka as Coach T by her students, is about to become Mrs. Mark Moroney.  It is, for me anyway and I'm sure many others who love them, the wedding of the century!  The planning has been intense, all that is left to do is do it.

Since you follow me on this blog let me give you some insight and thoughts from the perspective of the father of the bride and a deacon, oh, did I mention the deacon who will preach at his daughter's wedding.  Be assured, that was her request; I would have been just fine looking on from the pew with her mom.  But #1 daughter want's daddy the deacon preaching.  More than likely, after I walk her up the aisle, I'll spend most of my time up there, assisting where needed and always just a few short feet from the happy couple.

At this hour it' just hurry up and wait.  I've played the homily over and over in my mind, along with the incredible memories of a miracle baby and the little girl grown into a fine young woman.  She has her act together as a teacher, coach and fiancée; now it's her turn to demonstrate all that as a wife, and, God willing, one day as a mom.

She got lucky; she chose the perfect guy for her, Mark is a great balance to my Elizabeth.  I know they will be very happy in a life of marriage, especially if they, as I fully expect, stay close to their faith.

I wish right now I could feel more in control when reality says I can only now wait, joyful in anticipation and ready to witness this monumental event.

Tomorrow, and in the days ahead, I plan to fill all you, my readers, with all the wonderful details and memories of my little girl's wedding day. 

Join me in saying a prayer for Elizabeth and Mark; it is their wedding day!

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