Friday, April 22, 2016

Prayerful Friday

Lots of intentions; intense need to pray.

A local popular Priest, still very young, diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer

A Parishioner who lost his only son, under the age of 30, to injuries sustained in a car accident

The tragic news from nearby Mandeville High that two young men, took their own lives on consecutive days

You know life is a journey and for me, I find it a trip worth taking because I travel with God; or said a better way, I know God walks with me.

All of us are on a journey; a dress rehearsal if you will for eternal life.

There is such a need to pray for one another, to lift one another up and, as Jesus commands us, love one another.  Yes, we need to love one another and avoid the human inclination to destroy and tear down one another.

Join me in prayers for the intentions I list above and all the many intentions collectively on our hearts this Friday!

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