Sunday, April 10, 2016

On the mean and dangerous streets of New Orleans, a former new Orleans Saint and Super Bowl Champ, Will Smith, age 34, gunned down

The streets of New Orleans are particularly dangerous; they can be very mean and unforgiving.  Every year we hear story after story of senseless violence and murder.  Most of the time the victims are mostly anonymous to most of us, although every murder is a source of heartbreak and great pain for the victims families.  No one is immune; young children, the elderly, black, white; anyone can and will be a victim.

We all know last night's latest victim for he was a Super Bowl champ and long time member of the New Orleans Saints.  Will Smith, #91, and soon to be inducted into the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame, was gunned down on those mean, dangerous streets.  His wife was shot as well but is expected to live.  They tell us it is a road rage incident.  What it truly is, as always the case, is senseless, tragic and all too common in New Orleans.  When will it end?  Why are we not sick and tired of all this violence?  I am both sad and disgusted.

Will Smith is more than a Super Bowl Champ, he is the father of three; now they, like so many other New Orleans children, must live without the presence of their father.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Will Smith, the complete recovery of his wife and for the healing of his family, especially those three children.  And pray for New Orleans; it is a historic and wonderful place that is just too damn violent.

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