Sunday, April 3, 2016

Here we go, grass cutting season has truly begun

Given that it is April, we had no appreciable cold weather this winter and all it's done for three months is rain, the grass is as high as an elephant's eye!  Well, not quite, but you get the idea.  I just returned inside from 90 minutes of cutting grass, which does not even put a dent in my tasks to come.  I need to cut grass and this is heightened by the quickly approaching wedding of #1 daughter and the visit of my North Carolina family for the nuptials.  Note to anyone who cares: I'm running out of time.  First of all, about 40% of the property is way too wet to cut and second of all, Deacon Mike has a calendar that has no mercy even with a wedding approaching.  Soon I leave for evening Mass and the week ahead has scheduled events every night of the week.

The wedding certainly equals lots of extra stuff to do beyond the grass.  I will be counting on friends to help out.  And then after the wedding I will still have about five consecutive months of grass cutting at least some time every week and available weekend not spent in ministry.

I'm trying to dwell with the example of all the great Saints who always equated their manual labor with holiness.  Ora er labora so says St. Benedict!  Oh well, we shall see. 

I avoided the whole topic of how grass cutting season also ushers in much warmer, dare I say hotter weather, more bugs of numerous types and the dreaded hurricane season.  Not rich enough to pay someone else to do it so I grin and bear it and marvel at the help I will receive from good friends who like to work on my property.

So it is here, grass cutting season, and that wedding fast approaches; good Lord, have mercy on me!

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