Saturday, April 9, 2016

Big wedding now just three weeks away; getting it All done

I haven't said much here lately about the wedding of the century.  In case you missed previous posts my daughter Elizabeth is marrying her fiancée Mark exactly three weeks from this very day.  The April 30th nuptials will take place at the brand new and oh so beautiful Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church.  Not our home parish, or even the parish where I now minster as a Deacon, this was my assigned parish for nearly 5 years and they presented me with an opportunity to have one of the first weddings in the new beautiful church.

It will be a classic wonderful Catholic wedding; a full Mass of course and everything is planned and ready to go; the prayers, the readings, the music.  The homily still has work to be done and yes, the daddy of the bride will be preaching the homily.  I have delivered about a dozen wedding homilies, maybe more, but never for my own daughter; could be interesting.

It's amazing at how much needs to happen between today and April 30th.  I'm cutting lots of grass so the place looks nice when my North Carolina family comes to spend time at our house.  Yes, #1 grandkids Calvin and Katelyn will be right here; his second visit ever and her first.  I have a new suit to pick up and tons of errands to run and that homily, oh yes, that homily.  All this happening while life goes on.  Wendy and I still have work, ministry still calls; in fact I am preaching all weekend, baptizing a bay today and visiting the prison on Wednesday night.  Life goes on and rolls on despite the upcoming big event.

By the way, I got my hands on a pressure washer to clean up the outside of the house.  After staring at last night, I'm not so sure that Wendy and I have a clue what to even do with this thing.  Looks life a space ship. 

So yes, blog readers be forewarned, I'm guessing tons of wedding posts coming over the next three weeks!

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