Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yet another readership appeal

You may be getting tired of these posts and if so, I sincerely apologize.  Readership issues continue to plaque this blog during the week that defy conventional wisdom.  Today I've sent a message to blogger.

While overall readership has been very good, recent trends indicate that folks are reading my blog at certain times of the day yet the stat counter does not capture it.  Yesterday, at two separate times I had about a dozen folks access stories on this blog from different sources.  In both samples only about 3 reader clicks recorded when the total was somewhere at or above 24.

As a true novice, I don't understand this.  Then last night, overnight, when over the last 3 years the average readership from 11 PM to 6 AM is about 80 articles read, I noted with disappointment only 8 reads.  That's right, last night, over 7 hours, blogger reports only 8 articles read.  Is this possible?  I guess so, but it flies in the face of a 3 year average.

I hope, at least, you are able to read my stories.

I will update later today.

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