Monday, July 26, 2010

Jesus had grandparents...

The Church gives us the celebration today of the parents of Mary. Now they appear no where in Scripture which probably gives the sola scriptura club fits; you know the argument; no parents in Scripture ergo no parents?

Anyway, tradition and other historical texts give us a little about Mary's parents named Joachim and Ann. It is Mary conceived in the womb of Ann who was exempted, by a particular grace from God, from original sin.

Joachim it is believed withdrew to the desert to fast and pray for a child as the couple were without children for years. An angel appeared to Joachim and told them they indeed would have a child. It is believed that Mary was their only child. Some apocraphal writings claim Joachim died soon after Jesus was born; about the same time he was presented in the temple.

Devotion to St. Ann has been widespread throughout the Church for centuries.

While we can not be sure with total certainty of the life of Mary's parents, this tradition, including their names has been long supported by the Church.

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